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Greetings from Honiara!

It’s been ages I am not updating the blog. In mid July, we’re flied back home to Indonesia for 6 week holiday and when we came back to Nicosia, we prepared our relocation to Honiara, the Solomon Islands. Yes, as you can expect there were a long list to prepare if you’re moving overseas. We had also some farewell gatherings with friends from church, Janes’ office as well as at Orry’s classmates at the American Academy.  Surely it was a mixed feelings – on one hand, it was sad leaving Cyprus with it’s beautiful nature, beach, our lovely home, good friends, beautiful parks and playgrounds, clear air and many more. On the other hand, we felt also excited to embrace a new adventure in a completely different culture at one of the world’s ends :).

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Arrived safely after 36 hours flight from Cyprus

Arrived safely after 36 hours flight from Cyprus

And here we are, starting our new adventure in the Happy Isle, Solomon Island, a very beautiful island surrounding by The Pacific Ocean, a paradise for snorkeling and scuba diving, but at the same time, a very expensive city to live in :(. We arrived on 29 Sept, greeted by flowers and coconut drink, a very fresh treat on the hot and sticky weather, especially after more than 36 hours flight from Cyprus (with 10 hour stop-over in Dubai and 3.5 hour in Brisbane).

And now, we are, still staying in a very nice hotel with a beautiful sea view as our temporary accommodation before finding a permanent one. Everything almost back to normal life, meaning; Janes is back to work, Orry is back to school, and myself?  I am busy exploring Honiara – walking around the city, identifying how to get this and that, where to buy this and that, especially if I want continue to do an Asian home-cook catering just like what I did in Nicosia. It seems like we will stay in this hotel a bit longer and by end of next week to move to an apartment. It is because the house that we want to rent is still being renovated.  It may be finished till mid of December, but we think that would be a perfect time as our shipment stuff from Nicosia will be also arrived.

Orry's school : Woodford Intl

Orry’s school : Woodford Intl

Janes's office : World Vision Solomon Islands

Janes’s office : World Vision Solomon Islands

So goodbye Cyprus, welcome Solomon Islands!  Good bye goat cheese and olives, welcome coconut and fish :).

I hope I would be able to post more regularly on this blog because internet connection here is not reliable . So Wish me luck  my friends.