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Let’s beat the heat with watermelon treat.

What you can say about the weather in Cyprus during Summer ? It’s hot! Very hot!! Extremely hot!!! The real summer start on June, when people start to wear short, tank top and sandal or slipper. People also start to use air conditioner in the afternoon since the temperature is about 28  – 30 C (Celsius) in average. On July and August is even worst, the temperature could reach 35 – 42 C, even on the 4th week of last June, it’s 44 C in Nicosia, ooohhh… we’re melting here :(.

There are many ways to cool yourself down on hot summer day; drinking lots of water, swimming, going to the beach, etc, even some food are made to help you feel fresh and cool. Today I will share some recipes of watermelon, the king of summer fruit. We often made those during summer, because it’s very refreshing. Yes, what better than cold watermelon in the hot summer day? It’s juicy, sweet, fresh and also nutritious.

Watermelon at market

Many people think watermelon is simply water and sugar, but the fact is that watermelon contains more Lycopene than other fruit and vegetable. This powerful antioxidant helps fight heart disease and reduces cancer risk. Watermelon is also excellent source for vitamin A, C, B6 and Potasium. Continue reading