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Authentic Indonesian Food : Nasi Gudeg komplit.

In early January, when I came back from end year holiday, I felt craving for authentic Indonesian food. Funnily, it was not just for the simple one like nasi goreng/fried rice or sate ayam/chicken satay (that I can make easily), but I craved for one of Indonesian authentic foods called “Nasi Gudeg Komplit”. It is a Green Jack Fruit Sweet Stew with braised chicken in coconut milk (opor ayam), sambal terasi/chili shrimp paste and served with warm steam rice. Oh my :). Soon, I went to my pantry and lucky me, I still have 2 cans of young jack fruit I bought last December in a Philipine’s grocery store here in Nicosia (note: there some 12,000 migrant workers in Nicosia 🙂  Continue reading