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What you expect in Indonesian household dining table?

It is very common to associate certain dishes in a country. In Italy, pasta and pizza are very common. In China, noodle is a daily menu. In Mediterranean islands like Greece and Cyprus, salad is a must. So, how about Indonesia?


An Indonesian meal always contains rice. Traditionally, it’s usually white steamed rice and is served in bigger portion with one or two other dishes, because rice is the main part of the meal and meant to fill you up.  If you didn’t see any white steamed rice served, believe me, you will find another rich dishes such as; Nasi Goreng/Fried Rice, Nasi Kuning/Yellow Rice, Nasi Uduk/Fragrant Coconut Rice, or even another form of rice dishes such as Lontong and Ketupat /Boiled RiceCake and Bubur/Porridge :).  The use of rice in Indonesian food, is not only for the main course, either rice or rice flour also used a lot as a main ingredients for cakes and dessert such as Kue Lapis/ Steamed Layer Cake,  Putu/Steamed Palm Sugar Rice Cake,  Serabi/Indonesian Style Pancake. Continue reading

Authentic Indonesian Food : Nasi Gudeg komplit.

In early January, when I came back from end year holiday, I felt craving for authentic Indonesian food. Funnily, it was not just for the simple one like nasi goreng/fried rice or sate ayam/chicken satay (that I can make easily), but I craved for one of Indonesian authentic foods called “Nasi Gudeg Komplit”. It is a Green Jack Fruit Sweet Stew with braised chicken in coconut milk (opor ayam), sambal terasi/chili shrimp paste and served with warm steam rice. Oh my :). Soon, I went to my pantry and lucky me, I still have 2 cans of young jack fruit I bought last December in a Philipine’s grocery store here in Nicosia (note: there some 12,000 migrant workers in Nicosia 🙂  Continue reading

Makanan Indonesia : Combro

Setiap orang Indonesia yang menetap di luar negeri, pasti pernah rindu dengan makanan Indonesia. Kalau masih yang gampang-gampang sih seperti Nasi Goreng, Gado-Gado, atau Sate, masih mudah mendapatkannya – tinggal pergi ke Restoran Indonesia (kalau ada) atau masak sendiri, karena bahannya relatif mudah didapat.  Tapi kalau makanan yang mulai rada-rada “eksotis” misalnya: Rawon, Gudeg, Lupis, Tape, dll, dll, hmmmm… perlu usaha yang lebih besar agar bisa menikmatinya. Apakah berusaha masak sendiri atau cari temen orang Indonesia yang bersedia memasaknnya Continue reading