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Ready to eat a lot in Honiara? Go to The Capitana Restaurant

After almost a month staying in the Mendana hotel, last week we decided having a buffet dinner in the Capitana Restaurant located in the hotel. The Buffet is served every wednesday night and from my observation, it’s always packed and fully booked, not only by the hotel’s guests but also group of office/company dinner as well as family (with kids). Hmmm… That’s why reservation is recomended, as I saw some customers dissapointed as no more seats available.

A table reserved for us

The food selection was awesome. For appetizers they served three to five kinds of salads, Asian finger foods (spring rolls, samosa, meat skewer, etc), western bites (sausage rolls, baked macaroni, ect) and also some seafood such as clams, shrimp, fried calamari. Soup is also provided, on that day they served very nice pumpkin soup. We liked it.

Still on the Japanese food section there was tempura station which only served fried shrimp, taro and sweet potato :). Smokes from the boiled stock for udon soup will invite you to taste a bowl :).

In the barbeque section, there were roasted/grilled pork and chicken. Both were nice but not special I must say. They also had fishes, but I was not so sure wether it was grilled as it looked like a steamed fish for me.


Still on the main courses section, there were a display of chaffing dishes full of rice, meat stewed, ribs, curry, and there were 2-3 more dishes that I did not remember.
Rather than picking these selections, I was I more interested to sample the local food. They served taro, sweet potato, green cabbage in coconut milk with mussels and chicken with vegetables also with coconut milk. The taste was good, the chicken and vegetables was very soft, rich in coconut milk but less spices to me.

In the dessert section, they served slices tropical fruit (pineapple, watermelon, etc) and two or three kinds of sweets such as brownies, cheese cake and banana cake. In a separate table there were coffee and tea. Juice, beer and others soft drink you can order in the bar during the dinner.

Since the options were many, I only took very small amount each, mostly only one or two bites or one small scoop. I just wanted to sample lots of food because “yummy” food is very limited in Honiara:(. So.. I have to say the food selection is very good. The taste is average, but not special. The price is expensive ( afforable only for expat living in Honiara or company dinner) but considering the selections of food the option and the quantity of it the price seems still reasonable.

The other things I want to share is the cleanliness that may needs some improvment. The restaurant perhaps needs a bigger spaces both for the table (too small table for 4 seats) and for the isle so that there is more space for food queuing.
Another highlight is the live cultural entertaiment, very good especially for tourists or newbie in Solomons like us.

So my last conclusion is; this buffet is just average but not bad. If you living in Honiara, it is worth to have this buffet dinner for your special occation or to entertaint your quest, family or even yourself :).

Remember, every Wednesday night, as you will see the advertisement in a news paper.


Honiara Central Market, a central business for local products

Welcome to a crowded market. But it's fun!!! :)

Welcome to a crowded market. But it’s fun!!! 🙂

Are you looking for local grown and fresh product?  You should go to Honiara Central Market.  Here some tips for you :

  1. Bring your small cash/money, it makes it easier to buy/shop. Some of the vendors don’t have change and if they have, the notes are usually very dirty :).
  2. Don’t bargain. It’s not common for Solomon islander.
  3. Bring your own bag or basket. Most of the vendor don’t provide plastic bag. So rather than buying 1 SBD for 1 piece of plastic bag, better to bring your own, it will save the environment as well as your small money 🙂
  4. Somehow products sold on the ground (not on the table) is cheaper, especially fruits. With the same price you can get bigger size or larger amount.
  5. Relatively safe, but precaution with pick pocketing
  6. If you want to buy lots of fishes, you better come around 1- 4 pm, because the fresh fishes are just arrived.
  7. After shopping you may need a fresh shower afterwards 🙂


Honiara Central Market is open Monday – Saturday from morning to 6 pm, Sunday is closed but there still some traders outside the market.

And now, enjoy the pics and let them  talk for themselves 🙂

The main gate which usually blocked by public transportation

The main gate which usually blocked by public transportation

Raw peanut for snack ?I

Raw peanut for snack ?I

Watermelon price may vary from 5 - 120 SBD depend on the size of the fruit

Watermelon price may vary from 5 – 120 SBD depend on the size of the fruit


The sweet pineapple from Malaita province

The sweet pineapple from Malaita province

Too good not to buy :)

Too good not to buy 🙂









Oops!!!  where is the betel nut vendor ?!

The Breakwater Café


Our favorite !! Spinach with Feta Cheese pie, smoked chicken with mayo roll 🙂

If you live in the small city like Honiara, Solomon Island, you don’t have many options for hangout or eating out.  For me, within a week since I arrived in Honiara, I had identified all popular (or recommended) cafes and restaurants, and visit more than half of them :), yes, half of them, since there are only less than 20 cafes and restaurants available here and most restaurants are attached with the hotels.

photo 1 (7)From all the cafes and restaurants that my family and I have visited (so far) we like “The Breakwater Café” the most, though we believe that other cafe/restaurant will also have recommended specialty which is not available in Breakwater. But for me, Breakwater is still the winner in term of taste (of western food), the atmosphere, décor, and also for the cleanness and service.

photo (14)The Breakwater café faces the sea, which is very attractive for costumers especially for tourist.  Even my family and I never bored to enjoy this view. If eating outdoor make you sweating and can’t enjoy the food, – the daily temperature is 30 degrees Celsius in average – you better sit inside the café, but don’t worry you still can enjoy the sea view with  the coolness of A/C, especially if you sit on the high bar stools. That’s one of my daughter favorite site to sit J. The café’s décor is modern but the touch of tropical theme is felt through the design of wood chairs and tables

Though it’s pricey, but the taste is good, meaning is pretty tasty and suitable to “western” palate – the term that I used for Asian and non local people. Somehow, it feels that you are not eating in Honiara :). That’s why this café is always full of foreigners (tourists and expats).

If you’re tourist who stay in Honiara for short term only, you will have enough options for breakfast and lunch, but if you live in Honiara like me, within 2 weeks, you will memorize all the menu on the top of my head or even you may had tried all the meals they serve :).

photo 3 (5)

Here are some of my family’s favorites;  Spinach and Feta Cheese Pie. It’s score!! You cannot find this kind of pie except at this café.  They also have some variation such as; bacon and egg pie, shepherd pie, chicken pie and some more.  Also try the roasted chicken with mayo baguette or roasted beef with bit and pickle baguette.  Sometimes you can buy their baguette/roll if you want to make your own sandwich at home, but it’s not always available.

photo 5The Savory Muffin is also delicious but it will make you stuffed.  I was never able finish it by myself, so I always share it with my husbandJ.  It was very good way to leverage the uses of local ingredient – sweet potato mixed with bacon, cheddar and onion (sweet potato is one of food staple in Solomon Islands).

Beside pies, baguettes/rolls and muffin they also bake croissants, even though the variations only limited to plain/butter croissant and Chocolate Danish.  For sweets, they have cakes (usually one or two cakes per day), doughnut, éclairs, brownies and also 3-4 kinds of biscuit including Anzac biscuit.

Coffee, tea, chocolate drink, smoothie, juice and fruits salad from fresh local fruit are always available at anytime from breakfast till lunch time and afternoon coffee.

photo 2 (8)


photo 4 (4)

This café is always busy on breakfast and lunch time moreover on the weekend. But don’t worry; their well trained staff will serve you quick and always smile.

The Breakwater Café, Honiara, Solomon Islands.

Mendana Avenue (walking distance from Heritage Hotel, Mendana Hotel and King Solomon Hotel).

Monday – Friday  : 07.00  am –  04.00 pm

Saturday –  Sunday :  07.30 am – 04.00 pm

Greetings from Honiara!

It’s been ages I am not updating the blog. In mid July, we’re flied back home to Indonesia for 6 week holiday and when we came back to Nicosia, we prepared our relocation to Honiara, the Solomon Islands. Yes, as you can expect there were a long list to prepare if you’re moving overseas. We had also some farewell gatherings with friends from church, Janes’ office as well as at Orry’s classmates at the American Academy.  Surely it was a mixed feelings – on one hand, it was sad leaving Cyprus with it’s beautiful nature, beach, our lovely home, good friends, beautiful parks and playgrounds, clear air and many more. On the other hand, we felt also excited to embrace a new adventure in a completely different culture at one of the world’s ends :).

photo 2 (5)

Arrived safely after 36 hours flight from Cyprus

Arrived safely after 36 hours flight from Cyprus

And here we are, starting our new adventure in the Happy Isle, Solomon Island, a very beautiful island surrounding by The Pacific Ocean, a paradise for snorkeling and scuba diving, but at the same time, a very expensive city to live in :(. We arrived on 29 Sept, greeted by flowers and coconut drink, a very fresh treat on the hot and sticky weather, especially after more than 36 hours flight from Cyprus (with 10 hour stop-over in Dubai and 3.5 hour in Brisbane).

And now, we are, still staying in a very nice hotel with a beautiful sea view as our temporary accommodation before finding a permanent one. Everything almost back to normal life, meaning; Janes is back to work, Orry is back to school, and myself?  I am busy exploring Honiara – walking around the city, identifying how to get this and that, where to buy this and that, especially if I want continue to do an Asian home-cook catering just like what I did in Nicosia. It seems like we will stay in this hotel a bit longer and by end of next week to move to an apartment. It is because the house that we want to rent is still being renovated.  It may be finished till mid of December, but we think that would be a perfect time as our shipment stuff from Nicosia will be also arrived.

Orry's school : Woodford Intl

Orry’s school : Woodford Intl

Janes's office : World Vision Solomon Islands

Janes’s office : World Vision Solomon Islands

So goodbye Cyprus, welcome Solomon Islands!  Good bye goat cheese and olives, welcome coconut and fish :).

I hope I would be able to post more regularly on this blog because internet connection here is not reliable . So Wish me luck  my friends.