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Qboo Bakehouse, The Only Authentic German Breads Shop in Cyprus

Sometimes, we are craving for something different rather than the Cyprus local bread. Though there are a lot of bakery shops in Nicosia, but they are mostly sell the same type of Cypriot bread and pies. Therefore, I often baked my own bread especially if we want the soft fluffy Asian style bread.

qboo depanCouple days ago, we stopped at Qboo Bakehouse, actually we often passed this shop but we never knew that they sell different bread.   The pretzel is fantastic, with dark glossy curst outside but soft chewy with fresh bread flavor inside. From it’s  Facebook’s fanpage that later we found out, they claim that they the only shop that make and sell the pretzel shaped in Cyprus. Hmmm… I think that’s true,  because I never found that kind of pretzel in Nicosia except in this bakery, Qboo Bakehouse. Continue reading