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Ready to eat a lot in Honiara? Go to The Capitana Restaurant

After almost a month staying in the Mendana hotel, last week we decided having a buffet dinner in the Capitana Restaurant located in the hotel. The Buffet is served every wednesday night and from my observation, it’s always packed and fully booked, not only by the hotel’s guests but also group of office/company dinner as well as family (with kids). Hmmm… That’s why reservation is recomended, as I saw some customers dissapointed as no more seats available.

A table reserved for us

The food selection was awesome. For appetizers they served three to five kinds of salads, Asian finger foods (spring rolls, samosa, meat skewer, etc), western bites (sausage rolls, baked macaroni, ect) and also some seafood such as clams, shrimp, fried calamari. Soup is also provided, on that day they served very nice pumpkin soup. We liked it.

Still on the Japanese food section there was tempura station which only served fried shrimp, taro and sweet potato :). Smokes from the boiled stock for udon soup will invite you to taste a bowl :).

In the barbeque section, there were roasted/grilled pork and chicken. Both were nice but not special I must say. They also had fishes, but I was not so sure wether it was grilled as it looked like a steamed fish for me.


Still on the main courses section, there were a display of chaffing dishes full of rice, meat stewed, ribs, curry, and there were 2-3 more dishes that I did not remember.
Rather than picking these selections, I was I more interested to sample the local food. They served taro, sweet potato, green cabbage in coconut milk with mussels and chicken with vegetables also with coconut milk. The taste was good, the chicken and vegetables was very soft, rich in coconut milk but less spices to me.

In the dessert section, they served slices tropical fruit (pineapple, watermelon, etc) and two or three kinds of sweets such as brownies, cheese cake and banana cake. In a separate table there were coffee and tea. Juice, beer and others soft drink you can order in the bar during the dinner.

Since the options were many, I only took very small amount each, mostly only one or two bites or one small scoop. I just wanted to sample lots of food because “yummy” food is very limited in Honiara:(. So.. I have to say the food selection is very good. The taste is average, but not special. The price is expensive ( afforable only for expat living in Honiara or company dinner) but considering the selections of food the option and the quantity of it the price seems still reasonable.

The other things I want to share is the cleanliness that may needs some improvment. The restaurant perhaps needs a bigger spaces both for the table (too small table for 4 seats) and for the isle so that there is more space for food queuing.
Another highlight is the live cultural entertaiment, very good especially for tourists or newbie in Solomons like us.

So my last conclusion is; this buffet is just average but not bad. If you living in Honiara, it is worth to have this buffet dinner for your special occation or to entertaint your quest, family or even yourself :).

Remember, every Wednesday night, as you will see the advertisement in a news paper.