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The Breakwater Café


Our favorite !! Spinach with Feta Cheese pie, smoked chicken with mayo roll 🙂

If you live in the small city like Honiara, Solomon Island, you don’t have many options for hangout or eating out.  For me, within a week since I arrived in Honiara, I had identified all popular (or recommended) cafes and restaurants, and visit more than half of them :), yes, half of them, since there are only less than 20 cafes and restaurants available here and most restaurants are attached with the hotels.

photo 1 (7)From all the cafes and restaurants that my family and I have visited (so far) we like “The Breakwater Café” the most, though we believe that other cafe/restaurant will also have recommended specialty which is not available in Breakwater. But for me, Breakwater is still the winner in term of taste (of western food), the atmosphere, décor, and also for the cleanness and service.

photo (14)The Breakwater café faces the sea, which is very attractive for costumers especially for tourist.  Even my family and I never bored to enjoy this view. If eating outdoor make you sweating and can’t enjoy the food, – the daily temperature is 30 degrees Celsius in average – you better sit inside the café, but don’t worry you still can enjoy the sea view with  the coolness of A/C, especially if you sit on the high bar stools. That’s one of my daughter favorite site to sit J. The café’s décor is modern but the touch of tropical theme is felt through the design of wood chairs and tables

Though it’s pricey, but the taste is good, meaning is pretty tasty and suitable to “western” palate – the term that I used for Asian and non local people. Somehow, it feels that you are not eating in Honiara :). That’s why this café is always full of foreigners (tourists and expats).

If you’re tourist who stay in Honiara for short term only, you will have enough options for breakfast and lunch, but if you live in Honiara like me, within 2 weeks, you will memorize all the menu on the top of my head or even you may had tried all the meals they serve :).

photo 3 (5)

Here are some of my family’s favorites;  Spinach and Feta Cheese Pie. It’s score!! You cannot find this kind of pie except at this café.  They also have some variation such as; bacon and egg pie, shepherd pie, chicken pie and some more.  Also try the roasted chicken with mayo baguette or roasted beef with bit and pickle baguette.  Sometimes you can buy their baguette/roll if you want to make your own sandwich at home, but it’s not always available.

photo 5The Savory Muffin is also delicious but it will make you stuffed.  I was never able finish it by myself, so I always share it with my husbandJ.  It was very good way to leverage the uses of local ingredient – sweet potato mixed with bacon, cheddar and onion (sweet potato is one of food staple in Solomon Islands).

Beside pies, baguettes/rolls and muffin they also bake croissants, even though the variations only limited to plain/butter croissant and Chocolate Danish.  For sweets, they have cakes (usually one or two cakes per day), doughnut, éclairs, brownies and also 3-4 kinds of biscuit including Anzac biscuit.

Coffee, tea, chocolate drink, smoothie, juice and fruits salad from fresh local fruit are always available at anytime from breakfast till lunch time and afternoon coffee.

photo 2 (8)


photo 4 (4)

This café is always busy on breakfast and lunch time moreover on the weekend. But don’t worry; their well trained staff will serve you quick and always smile.

The Breakwater Café, Honiara, Solomon Islands.

Mendana Avenue (walking distance from Heritage Hotel, Mendana Hotel and King Solomon Hotel).

Monday – Friday  : 07.00  am –  04.00 pm

Saturday –  Sunday :  07.30 am – 04.00 pm

Belgium, where breakfast and dessert are served anytime.

What will you do if you have only one night in Brussels?  Sightseeing for sure! Grand Palace, Manneken Pis, Atomium and of course don’t forget to enjoy the chocolate, waffle, beer, and fries.  That’s all what we did in Brussels as part of our Easter holiday trip this year, Netherlands, Brussels and Paris.

Grand palace

Belgium is known for Chocolate, Waffle, Beer and Fries. As we stayed in the center of Brussels tourist area, Grand Palace, we were overwhelmed with so many chocolate shops at each and every corner of that area. Even for a chocolate lover, you could feel overwhelmed with so many options from the types of chocolate, flavors,  and the various brands.  All looks delicious, beautiful and seductive made you want to stop and tempted to buy simply because they look so beautiful. Continue reading

My travel plate; Eating in Austria

Hello, it’s Andria. I can’t believe I can visit Austria. Yes!! Grateful, I am so lucky.  I spent four days in Vienna and three days in Salzburg with my hubby and daughter.

Austria is famous for its natural beauty. It’s true; I witness it through my eyes . It’s beautiful and stunning, just like the pictures on the laptop screen saver or postcard. You will never get bored to see and enjoy this beauty landscape, especially if you come from Asia “big” city like me.

It has been my principle in travelling that seeing the sight is important but having the authentic food experience is also equally important.

Before arriving in Vienna, I had no idea what Austrian food looks like, but as you scroll down to the city and pass some cafes and restaurants, It will be easy to guess, as it is written a lot on the board menu or ‘today’s special day meal’. Again, I felt so lucky to have had opportunities to taste authentic Austrian national dishes as well as some Austrian street food and seasonal food that only available during the Christmas Market.

So let’s begin this culinary tour and get ready to be mouth watering and hungry soon 🙂 Continue reading

London and Paris Winter Holiday 2012, last year story

Last night, when I was packing for travelling tomorrow, suddenly I remember that this will be the second time we will celebrate Christmas and New Year without our extended family. Usually, every year, even when we lived in Bangkok, Thailand, we always went home at Christmas time to visit our parent both in Bandung, West Java and Binjai, North Sumatra, and gathered with our brother’s and sister’s families celebrated Christmas and New Year. Continue reading

My Travel Plate ; Eating in Istanbul

Hello, this is Andria writing, and this article is a sequel of our previous post School Break Holiday to Istanbul, Turkey.

For me, since I have passion on cooking, if I had an opportunity to visit a new place (city/country) seeing the sight is important but having an authentic food experience is also equally important :).  As we were only 5 days in Istanbul, so with all the limitation that come along with that, here some of Turkish food that we were able to pin down:

Turkish tea.

I was falling in love with the Turkish tea. It’s black, thick, and strong. Yes, too strong to be served in the large cup so that is why it is always being served in a little clear tulip shape glass.

Turkish Tea in Tulip shape glass

Turkish Tea in Tulip shape glass

çaydanlık or Tukish Tea Pot

çaydanlık or Tukish Tea Pot

You may add sugar but no milk. Turkish tea or çay is prepared in çaydanlık, a small tea pot brewer on top a kettle.

The Turks love drinking çay, at least one a day, from breakfast to the end of dinner and anytime of the day in between. That is why, it is easy to find the tea house or tea garden in Istanbul (or I believe in all over the country). Tea is an important part of Turkish culture. Offering tea to guests is part or symbol of the Turkish hospitality. Continue reading

School Break Holiday to Istanbul, Turkey

In early November, during Orry’s short school break, we spent 5 days in Istanbul Turkey.  Istanbul is the largest and the most populous city in Turkey. It is located on both sides of The Bosphorus Strait which connects the Sea of Marmara to the Black Sea and divides the city into an Asian and European side. Istanbul has been voted by Trip Advisor, Lonely Planet and many other travelling sites as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. And yes, we truly agree!

We stayed in the old city area called Sultan Ahmed where many of the icons of the city are within walking distance. Playing tourists, here are the sights that we explored.  Continue reading