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Mespila, the fruit that made me curious.

Since mid of April, I found lots of small round shaped fruits with pale orangish-yellow skin in the groceries stores. They looked like apricot or plum, but no, they‘re not apricot either plum.  I was curious and decided to buy some to taste.

medlar 7

It’s soft, succulent, sweet with little bit acidity, like mango but not as sweet as mango, like pear but softer than pear. I’ve tried some of them, the more orange it looks, the sweeter it taste.

Medlar 5

I knew the name of this fruit from the staff of groceries store I often visit. She said in Cyprus they call it Mespila. Mespila is ripe on spring (April – May) and is usually eaten fresh and for the best taste is when it is ripe on the tree and is eaten straight. This fruit is quite perishable so usually after 2-3 days in the shops Mespila are not so appealing and because skin is getting brown.



Medlar 3Not satisfied with the info from the lady in the groceries shop, I googling to find out more about Mespila. According to some article that I found about Mespila, including from Wikipedia, Mespila is also known as Loquat or Japanese Medlar. Actually this plant is a species of flowering plant but in addition to being cultivated as ornamental plant it is also cultivated for its fruit. No wonder I saw some of Mespila’s trees in the home yard.

The fruit is round oval shape (or pear shaped) with smooth orangish-yellow skin, can be peeled off manually when it’s ripe, has some small brow pint inside and it has a taste that hard to describe, succulent, tangy and sweet, mixed flavor among pear, peach, mango and citrus. Usually eaten fresh, mix in salad, used for compote and Jam, even the seeds can be processed to make liqueur.  But I am afraid I cannot share any recipes using Mespila as I just found it and haven’t try any of recipe using Mespila.

When I searched more about this fruit, I found that Japan is a leading producer of Mespila, followed by China and Mediteranian region such as Cyprus, Greece, etc.  I think that’s why Mespila is also called as Japanese Medlar.

So if in Cyprus we called it Mespila, in Greece they called it Mousmola and Despoles in Crete. What do you called this fruit in your place/area?

Medlar 1


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The Glory of Strawberry

Can you name all the fruits that carry their seeds on the outside of their skin?  Strawberries are the only one :).

Strawberry large

Strawberries are the first fruit to ripen in the spring. Though here, we can buy strawberry since end of December, but the price is very expensive, almost double than the price in season now. Continue reading

Easy (but delicious) Asian style bread. No mixer, no bread machine, no knead :)

Lately, I find myself enjoy so much in baking bread.  It started when we kind of bored with the local breads ( there are a lot of bakery shop here but they are mostly sell the same type of local/Cyprus breads)  and craving for Asian style bread which are usually soft, fluffy, with a slightly sweet flavor and often  stuffed or topped with a chocolate, cheese, banana, chicken floss or you can put anything you like :).

Roti 1Roti 3Bread is not part of staple foods in Indonesia and (most of country in Asia). It’s mostly eaten as snack or as a “tea time-cake”. Bread is the most common snack brought by children to school (for breakfast or “mid-daybreak” but not for lunch).

Continue reading

Qboo Bakehouse, The Only Authentic German Breads Shop in Cyprus

Sometimes, we are craving for something different rather than the Cyprus local bread. Though there are a lot of bakery shops in Nicosia, but they are mostly sell the same type of Cypriot bread and pies. Therefore, I often baked my own bread especially if we want the soft fluffy Asian style bread.

qboo depanCouple days ago, we stopped at Qboo Bakehouse, actually we often passed this shop but we never knew that they sell different bread.   The pretzel is fantastic, with dark glossy curst outside but soft chewy with fresh bread flavor inside. From it’s  Facebook’s fanpage that later we found out, they claim that they the only shop that make and sell the pretzel shaped in Cyprus. Hmmm… I think that’s true,  because I never found that kind of pretzel in Nicosia except in this bakery, Qboo Bakehouse. Continue reading

Cyprus’ Tomatoes, an anytime indulgence

The Orange season almost come to the end and the glory of strawberry is on the way. Though strawberry is available since January, the stocks are increasing and the price is getting cheaper everyday. While waiting for the peak season of strawberry, I noticed that tomatoes are abundantly available since the end of January. I know, tomatoes are all seasons fruit/vegetable, which are available throughout the year.

Globe tomato at supermarket 1 Continue reading

What you expect in Indonesian household dining table?

It is very common to associate certain dishes in a country. In Italy, pasta and pizza are very common. In China, noodle is a daily menu. In Mediterranean islands like Greece and Cyprus, salad is a must. So, how about Indonesia?


An Indonesian meal always contains rice. Traditionally, it’s usually white steamed rice and is served in bigger portion with one or two other dishes, because rice is the main part of the meal and meant to fill you up.  If you didn’t see any white steamed rice served, believe me, you will find another rich dishes such as; Nasi Goreng/Fried Rice, Nasi Kuning/Yellow Rice, Nasi Uduk/Fragrant Coconut Rice, or even another form of rice dishes such as Lontong and Ketupat /Boiled RiceCake and Bubur/Porridge :).  The use of rice in Indonesian food, is not only for the main course, either rice or rice flour also used a lot as a main ingredients for cakes and dessert such as Kue Lapis/ Steamed Layer Cake,  Putu/Steamed Palm Sugar Rice Cake,  Serabi/Indonesian Style Pancake. Continue reading

My Travel Plate; Eating in Prague

Hi, Andria here 🙂

If you eat in Prague, forget your diet, because Czech cuisine is mostly meat based, usually pork or beef and served with some choices of dumplings or French fries or other types of potatoes and usually are served with a glass of beer.  Since we were only 3 days in Prague, we were not able to taste a lot, but at least we sampled some of recommended Czech food.

Vepro-Knedlo-Zelo (Roast Pork with braised cabbage and dumpling) Continue reading