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This is a family’s blog, the Gintingsto open ‘our door’ sharing our life journey to family and friends. We are originally from Indonesia and since June 2012 we are living in the beautiful Island of Cyprus. Prior to Cyprus, we lived in Bangkok for two years and before that we spent our life in Indonesia.

The Mommy, Andria. A stay-home-mom who finds new passion in cooking after 10-year professional career in the humanitarian works in Indonesia. Challenging herself not just cooking for her families, but to turn it into something bigger, she started a ‘Snack Kitchen’ project in Bangkok and since April 2013, creating ‘Indo-bite Catering Nicosia’.


‘Slowly-slowly’ working hard to turn this passion into a successful restaurant business.

The Dad-O, Janes Ginting. A passionate humanitarian worker who still wants to change the world. Now working with a humanitarian organisation with program coverage across the Middle East and Eastern Europe region. Loves travelling, watching movies  and tennis – not so much playing though – and yes, loves anything his wife cooks at home.

The Daughter, Orry.  An active 6 year old girl who never tired of playing. She likes her school, her teachers and most (yes, not all) of her friends.  She loves singing, acting and watching cartoons.  If asked her future dreams, her answer keeps changing from becoming a singer teacher, primary school teacher, pediatrician, zoo keeper, ballerina etc. Talking about mommy’s dream to open restaurant someday, she already made a list of kid’s menu for the restaurant (taking inspirations while watching food network channel!), came up with several names and suggested to put her mom’s pictures in the restaurant logo so that ‘You can be famous, Mom!’.  Somehow knows what her daddy doing, something to bring hope for the children in the world .

We will share our journey in Bahasa Indonesia or English and or any new languages Orry will master in the future – so that we can reach as many as family and friends.

We wish you enjoy our blog

“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.”
― Paulo CoelhoThe Alchemist

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    1. Nelly

      Esa es buena línea de actuación. Por supuesto que quiénes militamos en las organizaciones laicas lo tenemos presente.Por si acaso, y para conocimiento general, salió hace poco una Orden (E9AH2814/200/, de 15 de octubre) que limita el alcance de la exención de que gozan en el impuesto de construcciones.


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