My Travel Plate; Eating in Prague

Hi, Andria here 🙂

If you eat in Prague, forget your diet, because Czech cuisine is mostly meat based, usually pork or beef and served with some choices of dumplings or French fries or other types of potatoes and usually are served with a glass of beer.  Since we were only 3 days in Prague, we were not able to taste a lot, but at least we sampled some of recommended Czech food.

Vepro-Knedlo-Zelo (Roast Pork with braised cabbage and dumpling)

Vepro for Veprova means roasted pork. Knedlo for Kendliky means (bread) dumpling or bramborove means potato dumpling, and Zelo for Zeli means stewed cabbage. Roasted pork with dumpling and stewed cabbage is one of the top classic Czech foods and also know as Czech national dish. It will be easy to find this meal in every restaurant’s menu that serves Czech cuisine.  It was delicious though it’s heavy and high Carbo, but thank s to the tangy sweetness of the stewed cabbage – which is my favorite part of this meal – that made balance of this meal.

Roasted pork with potato dumpling and stewed cabbage

Roasted pork with potato dumpling and stewed cabbage

Rabbit saddle with bacon, creamy spinach and roasted potato gnocchi.

The rabbit saddle was so good, tender and juicy; I thought they roasted the rabbit in bacon wrapped. The creamy spinach was very delicious as well as the potato gnocchi which is looked like big Penne for me 🙂.

Rabbit saddle with creamy spinach and potato dumpling

Rabbit saddle with creamy spinach and potato gnocchi

Chicken breast with potato puree

This is just typical kids menu.  We like the roasted chicken and score for yummy creamy potato puree. 


Old-Bohemian poppy cake with lemon ice cream and rum jam.

Just a random pick from the dessert list. We don’t have any idea what Bohemian poppy cake is?! J.  Though at the 1st scoop taste a bit weird for us, but later on it taste nice and we can enjoyed it.

Bohemian Poppy seed cake with ice cream and Rhum jam

Bohemian Poppy seed cake with ice cream and Rhum jam

Pivo : Velko Popovicky and Pilsner Urquell

Czech is famous for its beer (PIVO in Czech language), so we thought must try it.  As we don’t know a lot about beer –  even though I knew and drank some type of Cyprus’s beer – so we just followed the restaurant staff’ recommendation for the favorite/special beer that they sell.  He gave us dark beer (Velko Popovicky Kozel dark) and pale large (Pilsner Urguell).  And yes!  We like them both. The Pilsner is light while the Kozel’s taste is heavier but sweet. Very suitable for my husband and I who are not beer’s fans – and  it helped us to appreciate by many people love beer .


Cheers 2014

Cheers 2014

So if you have a chance to visit Prague, we recommend you to try U-Kroka restaurant where we enjoyed all the delicious food above.   Not only the food, this non-smoking restaurant (which is not very common in Prague), had good and quick service, nice and responsive staff, and the price is relatively cheap (value for money) compare to others.   But make sure you booked your table in advance or otherwise you have to queue or completely cannot get in simply as there are no seats available.  For more detail please visit or tripadvsor review.

Another Czech food that we taste was when we went to the charming Christmas market in the old town square. Amidst food and craft stalls, we saw some roasting pork spinning over the open grill. They called it Prazska sunka  or Prague ham. The smell was sooooo good, so who could resist not to try? Oh yes! And we were not disappointed. It became a more memorable experience as when we ate the Sunka  in the park while we called our family back home in Indonesia to wish them a happy new year.

Prague Ham

Prague Ham

We also tasted a Trdelnik. Its rolled dough, wrapped around a stick then grilled and sprinkle with sugar and walnut powder.  Actually this is a Hungarian’s sweet but popular in Czech especially among tourist.   For me, the taste it’s not so special, just like eating warm soft sweet bun sprinkled with sugar, but the way they make/grill it its more interesting.

Kue gulung

tra 2

I did not forget to have the Czech Goulash; which is slightly different with the one we ate in Vienna. Czech goulash is more beef-y, thick and without vegetables.  I definitely will try the original Goulash in our next destination, Budapest, Hungary.

roti gulas

It was unfortunate we did not much chance to sample more local delicacies as during our time there, the weather was very freezing (minus 5 to 5  degree Celsius) hence we sometime just went to the coffee shop for hot drinks rather than eating :).

Pra 2

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